Into Your Eyes

What do her eyes wish to tell me that her lips hold back?

What is it that makes her breath dance with her pulse?

My fingertips gently paint unseen lines along her blushing cheek.

Her hair washes across mine as her smile plays hide and seek.

Deep, is the ocean that hides behind her eyes, she wants me to see.

For her pupils dilate to show more, when she is in waltz, with me.


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Why it rained suddenly

What do you do when you’re blue and it suddenly pours outside? 

You think up a little poem on the go and decide to blog it. So here it goes…

His heart was turning into lead

His soul was dead and burning

The sea of emotions in his head

Were not yet done churning

He was at the very edge

He could hold it in no more

His dignity, his only pledge

To hide the pain that he bore

He looked to the skies

They were dark and brooding

Tears welled in his eyes

His masks were eluding

“I like walking in the rain,”

He said, his fist he did cup

“So you don’t see my pain”

That moment there, the heavens opened up


(Original sketch)