Confidence Before Targets

We all wonder why some of our peers are able to set themselves into the groove, to achieve targets or even sustain good habits. Here’s my take on it:

If you set a goal or target and work towards it, you will most probably learn limited set of skills that will be stretched thin to achieve those targets, for which you will try to discipline yourself.

For some of us, this backtracking only puts pressure on ourselves to learn skills that match targets, and to acquire a discipline moulded to even scratch the surface of those skills, let alone master them.

For example, if I have ten targets, I will acquire ten throwing knives, maybe fifteen, factoring in risks. This means I will be feeling utmost pressure when I approach the last of my knives.
But if I first build up an arsenal of a hundred knives, I would have built up confidence in abundance. With a hundred knives at my disposal, I would have learnt different skills, not limited to but inclusive of, throwing. Here, time-management itself is a skill to be learnt.
Now I will have the knowledge of discipline and how to implement it, be it throwing the knives, or using them to cut vegetables to cook a meal.
Once I know how to be disciplined, I will be able to use that informed drive to learn any skill, which will allow me to take on any target, also letting me learn shortcuts and hacks along the way.

So instead of backtracking from targets to skills to discipline, we need to first learn to develop and implement the concept of how to be in a discipline, from which we take the confidence to learn challenging new skills, from which we draw confidence to achieve targets.

This to me, seems to be the basis of tailored learning.


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