How Close Is Too Close?

Speed. What is it that fascinates us about it? It is a phenomenon that occurs in nature when a body moves across a distance in a rather short time. But is that all speed means to us? It also happens to be a way for us to be free. Leave our troubles behind. So we speed and speed till our fuel runs out, ultimately adding to the list of problems we want to run from.

Everybody has worries in life, everybody feels the need to get away. So we wring that throttle and put the pedal to the metal. We want to feel alive by being closest to death. That rush appeals to us on a sinfully divine level. But how many of us actually follow rules and guidelines that were formed to catch us when our common sense fails? How many of us would be wearing helmets and seatbelts if not for the bribe we have to pay the road corner cop? It actually adds to the thrill, to do what is frowned upon. To commit taboo. We push away that nagging voice in our head that screams “Self preservation! Self preservation!” and zip through public roads, seeking gaps, each narrower and more dangerous than the last.


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We want to see how close we can go before we push our luck too far. Yet, there’s a paradox right there. We all want to go to heaven but none of us wants to die. How close is too close? Too close, is the tears that are shed from loved ones when blood is shed from the lost ones. Too close is taunting death on public roads when it can be respected by racing on a track. Too close is when you think ‘Okay so if I crash, I’ll just die’ when you survive and suffer for the rest of your miserable life just because you were actually uncool, thinking you were doing the cool thing.

So how close is too close?

You don’t wanna know.


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3 thoughts on “How Close Is Too Close?

  1. Seems like you’re making quite a few assumptions on why people speed.
    You should check out:
    A book about humans and our need for motion.
    I would also suggest
    and since I’ve written about this

    I agree that when riding a motorcycle you should watch your speed. Your reasons for speeding that you list are no where near universal though.

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