Going Around In Circles

I wrote this back in 2012 and it still holds good. Well, some things have changed over the years. The bike doesn’t need constant servicing and there’s an exhaust mod that drowns out all your worries.

The other things however, are still as they are, as life would have it.

Happiness and Pride last only for moments, for if either lasted any longer, then neither would be worth it.  – Original

Well, here it is:

“I need a ride.”

The helmet in one hand, the key in the other, I descend the flight of stairs to where my bike is.

I get settled and press the self starter. Nothing. Oh right, no battery unit..I gotta call the service place.

Oh well, a real man kick starts his bike.

Off I go into Chennai traffic on my Apache 160 RTR HyperEdge. A mouthful, yes. RTR…Racing Throttle Response. Well not mine when I try. Needs servicing.. Oh well.

Riding through traffic is always a joy when you’re on two wheels. Zipping through gaps and slowing down for grannies crossing the street, curses and blessings thrown around you.

Just like life.

The rush of adrenaline is worth every risk here.

In a few minutes of riding, you slip into thoughts. It could be anything from looping song lyrics to “What am I doing with my life? All my friends are doing something or the other and here I am, riding around aimlessly. Maybe it’s just the Facebook effect where people seem to be having an awesome life and keep moving up in life, looking at the photos and statuses and info updates they’re doing but everybody’s just as jobless as y- oh look! A Kawasaki Ninja!” and you trail off, back to the comfortable emptiness of the ride.

You speed through the straights and get ready to corner whenever a turn comes up. Sometimes, you get that perfect cornering experience that makes everything alright yet most times, you have something or the other stopping you from enjoying that bliss, adding to life’s frustrations.

Kinda like when some days everything goes so smooth your life feels entirely secure and then there are those days when nothing goes right.

On and on you go, sometimes going with the traffic, sometimes cruising and sometimes just twisting that throttle stick to the max just to break free of nothing and to make love to the ride at demonic speeds.

Several loops around your routine circuit later, you feel like going back home, wishing you could just take that turn and escape into the highway and keep riding forever. You can’t, your dead life calls you back to the center and you yield and return.

Life. Going around in circles hoping to one day escape the centripetal force and keep going your way, not a care in the world.

Well you know what? One day, that day will come and I’m gonna ride free. You can’t hold down a biker for long. Once this karmic hold is done and I am free of my debts, it’s gonna be my way. It’s my life and I intend to live it to the fullest!



Presenting the Apache v46.


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