Characters in Cocoons

Is it all really just in my head? Yes.

This is a bubble that needed to stay alive till the end of this time slot in my life. So I kept it alive.
However, as that time is coming to a close, the bubble which I so furiously defended is finally going to pop and I’m going to let it. The actual image for what it is had been covered up with one of what I wanted it to be.

The actual character of the character had been denied by the other character and had been substituted with a character that the second character needed the first character to be.

Years have now passed and now it is time for the second character to move on to fully accepting what the first character’s true character is. The latter always knew of the former’s true self from all the times the former had blatantly shown it, yet the latter could not let that be accepted lest the latter had to face the fact that the former had never been a part of the latter’s life as it was so badly wanted to be.

The second character wanted to stay the second character in order to believe there were other characters in the story. But the truth is, the second character is the only character in the plot. The first character was made up by the mind of the lonely, loving mind of the second character. The first character has always been a program generated by an entity that wanted to share the matrix with another entity.

The truth is, there is no first character. The first character is a lie. The second character is the only character and everything else is merely part of the matrix. It is always a dangerous thing to lie to oneself and now the allowance for the romance of that lie has outlived its scope.

It is time to face the climax of the matrix and so all other fun and games must now end and the escaped must be committed to. The second character IS the first character and all of the other bubbles that arose from that will be popped. The character that is the epitome of all characters will also be absolved and the matrix will be dissolved.

For all things that come and go, love alone stays true for it is unattached and that is the way it works. Love for the matrix is a lie and love for love reaches beyond the sky.


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