Mr.Red & Ms.Green

When you go through enough sharp winter, the warm sun decides to embrace you and make the cold blunter.

This is the story of Mr.Red. He’d always been a bit of a romantic deep down, despite being anything but that on the outside. He’d seen much disappointment, much pain and much betrayal. He’d even come to a point where he’d decided he’d had enough and was being a bit of a hermit, Mr.Red.

Along came Ms.Green, quite the drama queen. I say drama queen in the nicest ways I can mean. She saw him, he saw her, they were both already in. Yet she’d been hurt and he’d been through similar dirt. They tiptoed towards each other very carefully. When they were close enough, the walls came up and the battle commenced.

Bullets, bombs and mortars. Missiles, mines and turtles. It was the most fun they’d both had in a long time and a portal was finally opened when a truce was duly called. The portal was a tunnel of bright and vibrant colours and in there they met, with all their powers. People wondered which end of the tunnel would reveal them walking out. But no, a secret sub-portal had been made separate and in there, is their place till date.

Mr.Red and Ms.Green were from opposite corners of the colour wheel. Yes, this wheel has corners. They were angels to eyes but devils in disguise.

Their games and battles were fought and won equally. One would win and the other would grin. The winds of change had cradled them both in cushioned cocoon of eddies that glow. Soon enough, the winds had to ebb their ebb and resume again, to flow.

The time in the eye of that storm was frozen and went on to show the world that Mr.Red and Ms.Green lived in, that breezes too, can be made eternal. They parted in one world and agreed with the winds to disagree in another. A world engineered and architected by them, of them and for them.

It was a beautiful way the last page of that chapter had been turned for Mr.Red.

He is now happy and will eventually, like you and me, be dead.


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