A Road Trip And A Journey

A road trip is just what you need sometimes.

A trip with your family, driving along the highways, covering temples and retreats.

A long drive in the car makes you reflect on where you are in life and where you want to be.

The pace of the race with the fellow travelers lets you escape the race you left back home.

The pit stops let you stretch your legs and your mind.

You remember that, while using a public toilet, the least you can do is to clean up after yourself.

You learn decency in there and you learn decorum on the road.

We’re all racing to get somewhere. Yet few of us ever truly drive. Few of us ever co-exist.


The retreats we retreat to, if they are any good, they shouldn’t let you have a signal on your phone.

They should let you cut yourself off from your busy life and just…be for a while.


They should be places where a writer or an artist can have his undisturbed peace.


They should be in the middle of greenery and they should serve you good coffee.


Temples are a place of worship for most, a place of marvel for some and a place of peace for others.

They are magnificent structures and monumental examples of ancient architecture. Not only of stone, but of mind, heart and reverence.

Depending on how you look at it, temples sure teach you several things. But you have to be there to really let it all sink in.

The long drives, and the positive vibes make temple trips necessary sometimes.


Our lives have become heavier and colder and we could all use some light hearted warmth. I’m not entirely religious but I am somewhat spiritual. If not the temples, just the drives alone can be salvation enough for most of us.

I went on a trip with my family just now and I wanted to write so much about it. I learnt and thought about a multitude of things. I experienced the joys of time travel(a story for another day, so stay tuned) among other things.

I will write again about them for there is so much in the little things, hidden away in the most remote of places that need to be magnified every once in a while, lest we forget the importance of happiness and simplicity.


We all seek love, tenderness and compassion. Yet sometimes, to find something that is supposed to come from the inside, you have have to go far, far away, on the outside.

To find the ever flowing river of inner peace, we must sometimes go out and sit by a river flowing through two states, that might even be disrupting their political peace.


The journey matters just as much as the destination; sometimes even more.

So go out there some time and just roam free till you feel home calling you back. And if you find home along the way, feel free to stay there…at least till your next home beckons.


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