The Ugly Truth

I wrote this back in 2011.


My homeland.My country.My nation. 

Next, my school, my college and my education.The education system. More like exam system. 

We need change. No, we need a revolution. A miracle. A unification of education streams. A new era that seeks to empower the youth through real knowledge and the means to apply that knowledge in life so that we can choose to study what we wish to pursue for the rest of our lives. A revolution that raises hell and when the dust clears and the smoke fades, a new generation of young minds march from out of the ashes, with embers flaking off their proud shoulders. They will be free. Free from the Sins of the Fathers that carry on from son to son to son to son. A new generation of pure minded, honest, practical and trusty friends.

We shall overcome someday.

We shall choose passion over pay and still get paid.

We shall leave our much needed paranoia behind.

We shall abolish the Rat Race, slowly taking its control away, weaken it and reducing it to its pathetic true form.

The new generation that isn’t made up of and lead by hypocrites. One which doesn’t see atrocities happen right in front of the eyes and isn’t able to do anything about it.


Yeah what you read above? Bullshit. The current theme of interest to our future leaders…and current, obviously are violence, blood, blackmail, sex and drugs. Oh and not to mention scams!! Oooh we love scams!

There’s no changing what’s become reality. Schools will train you only for college and colleges will continue to teach you to sleep with your eyes open alone. We’ll never really learn anything. Just study, mug, write exams and score marks. 

Education is what is left in a man after he’s forgotten what he learnt in school.

One can only forget what he knows, though so we’re all pretty much uneducated. And talk about violence- don’t gimme that head shake, you know you get excited deep down. Hell, violence is everywhere. It’s a part of everyday life. You can see a guy’s face pounded to the pavement and there won’t be a police station that’ll answer your call. Oh wait! You stand and watch the show first before you contemplate if you really need to get involved by calling out to justice. 

Justice shall prevail.


Screw you, L. Justice is dead and so are you. You want justice, watch Power Rangers. 


Our real national song should be something like this excerpt from System Of A Down’s Tentative:

Going down, in a spiral to the ground

No-one, no-one’s gonna save us now (not even God)

No one saved us, no one saved us

No one saved us, no one’s gonna save us now

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

Here’s something you mighta heard before,

Everybody’s good…..until they get a chance.


And that my friends, is The Ugly Truth.


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