Time Travel

How many times have you wished you could go back in time and change certain things about your life?

Like for example, if you could meet your childhood self or your parents at that time, you would correct them or advice them against or for certain decisions..

I’ve always felt I should have been brought up a different way. I don’t blame my parents for anything for they were wonderful and always tried more than they could to provide for me. However, it would have all been more fruitful if both them and I had had a guide who has analysed us as well as I have today.

I often think back to my childhood and analyse the events that took place at that time and make more sense out of them. This kind of thing often helps you understand better yourself, your family and people in general.

Anyway, when you sit in your chair today, scrolling through the internet and you look at astonishingly talented people, you wish you had been trained in your strengths better or better yet, that you had known how important it is to have listened to yourself and those who knew what was actually good for you. Of course, you look at idiots and you feel grateful for not having made their mistakes. You also feel sorry for them and that they would have turned out better with proper guidance.

You think to yourself, or out loud, “man, if only I had a time machine! I would fix so much in the past so I would have been a great whatever I wanted to be!”


comic courtesy: yetanothercomic.com

Good news. You can visit the past and correct things. Not all things, of course, but certain things. How significant they are is up to how much you can get into it.

The following steps are probably only effective for small, yet significant changes in perspective.

Step 1: Remember childhood events and pick out crucial points from the memories.

Step 2: Analyse them thoroughly, being honest with yourself. If you can’t analyse them wisely enough, get someone wise to do it, objectively.

Step 3: Think back from where you are and retrace the event chain that led you from that point to the present.

Step 4: Decide how it should have been and imagine all the events that would have followed it. Try out a few different scenarios.

Step 5: Pick the best scenario of the lot and think of how that would have changed the way you would be thinking about something now, if that had happened then. Think about it over and over again till it’s pretty much set in. This could take a while.

Now this does not undo the past or anything so don’t go into denial of what happened in your life. It also does not mean you have now suddenly acquired a skill out of the blue. This is not the matrix, no.

What this does, is it mitigates or even removes some of the issues you’ve had from childhood. The sole reason we feel someway about somethings is because of unresolved childhood issues. If this is a good thing and it helps you get by, leave it alone. But if you feel it weighs you down, try this out.

This is not some brilliant mind mapping technique I’ve come up with, it’s just a simple rewiring process.

For example, someone might have told you “a cat burnt stripes on to its body to look like a tiger. Lol silly cat. It can never be a tiger.”, it means that they didn’t get the actual meaning of the proverb and they shouldn’t have been allowed to talk to kids. What the proverb really means is that a cat was never made to be a tiger and trying to be something it’s not, only left it with painful burns and ugly scars. What it truly meant was “be yourself”. But how this person put it has a huge impact on an impressionable child and even something that small can leave the child growing up trying to be something he or she is not.

If you have had an experience like this, revisit that memory and confabulate or make up an addition to it like a mental note scribbled on the memory, the correct way it should have been. Then, stroll through memory lane and pick up some of those negative moments where this had made you feel bad about yourself and add another scribble and so on. Make the you in your memories feel better, at every moment. Finally, route back to the present and breathe out a sigh of relief and trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself. Even though these are seemingly tiny and trivial things, they would make a lot of difference and you’d feel you were raised more optimally, especially since it was by yourself.

If you did this right and you felt even remotely better, then congratulations my friend. You just time traveled.

Also, in all possibility, you may have created parallel universes where these events did occur, and that’s a very interesting topic for another day.

I hope this finds you in good timing and that it helps.


picture courtesy: desktopnexus.com


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