You’re Illegal

The state of the nation, has never really been something to be more proud of, than to shake your head at. All the crimes and corruption and idiocy make you want to put your face in a shredder.

It’s always expected of “great” people to be bloody idiots from time to time and lose their respect entirely. However, it’s a whole new level of disappointment when the supreme court decides to make homosexuality illegal.

How is it illegal to like someone your own sex? That’s like saying it’s illegal to be attracted to the opposite sex. Such a display of sheer immaturity by the court that gives the final verdicts of issues that determine the nation’s fate is extremely worrying. I mean it’s understandable if an ignorant common man thinks it’s wrong to be an uncommon man…or woman. But to hear something like that from a place that is expected to be a temple of justice is lunacy.

If they say being gay is illegal today, will they say it is illegal to be a transgender next? Maybe a while later it would be illegal to see a rainbow in the sky. Heck, they might even want to ban the rainbow itself!

Some people argue saying that it would shatter our culture and society if we allowed homosexuality. First of all, it has always existed and it is as old as mankind itself. It is found in other species as well. It is something that happens naturally. It is as common as being attracted to the opposite sex. We cannot delude ourselves into thinking we can or cannot allow this to happen. We cannot play God with everything.

Secondly, addressing the issue of “shattering culture”. A culture is developed to accommodate the harmonious co-existence of a species, namely here, human beings. If a culture would cast out its members just for being how they are naturally made, such a so called culture needs a lot of shattering, and then some.

If a culture casts out fellow human beings for being human, then that, is what will truly shatter it. It immediately ceases to be a culture and is reduced to a mere bunch of hypocrites and cowards, who are threatened by anything different from them. These are the people who are an obstacle to evolution. Societies need to evolve and we must not let such people stop them from evolving.

Saying that a nation and its laws are not ready for evolution is just plain unacceptable.

There have always been such targets in history. Women were oppressed, humiliated and cast out or locked up. They fought for their birthright and the truth was supported and that changed. Millions of Jews were killed by one man. The world fought for the truth and that stopped. Slavery of African Americans was abundant before and was even the expected norm then. But brave men and women fought for equality and the truth was supported and that changed. People of “lower” castes fought back and the truth was supported and that changed. Today, the fight for the truth is for transgenders. The truth will be supported and that too will change. Societies do evolve, if we let them.

Today we know that apartheid is horrible and wrong. Tomorrow, we will all know that discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong, and that too, will change. We must fight for the truth if we want a better world to live in. The pinnacle of evolution is the realization of true love and compassion and the acceptance of fear that breeds hate, so that it may never again breed it.

I end this post with the motto of our nation.

Satyameva Jayate.


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