The Godfather, the Goddaughter.

I have always wanted true companionship since I was a kid. I wasn’t allowed to have a pet so I grew up with the strays. They know and show unconditional love. I’ve always felt I could trust animals better than humans. They respond best to love and they respond with love.

A few months ago, I visited a friend’s house. She had rescued a little kitten and had kept her home. She was a lean, white furred kitten with a bit of a mark on her head. A frail looking kitten with seemingly sad eyes. My friend named her Whisky because she walked with a bit of a limp. She had a whisky-whisky kinda walk.


I went in and found her on the floor and introduced myself to her. She lapped up her milk from a bowl and meowed ever so daintily. She sniffed at my fingers and played with them. She rolled over and let me give her a belly rub. She followed me around and came to me when I called out to her. I had not felt such childlike joy in a long time before then.


She took to me right away and I loved her instantly. My friend’s father told me Whisky doesn’t usually do that. I smiled and let the little darling on my lap. She played and purred for a while and then curled up and went to sleep! It was one of the most beautiful things you could experience. She trusted me and slept peacefully and I didn’t move the whole time.


We were a bunch of people there and we chatted for a while and it was time for me to leave. I just didn’t have the heart to leave my beloved little Whisky behind. They practically had to drag me outta the house and I left with the sweet sorrow of parting swirling in my heart.

It has been a few months since that day now and I inquire about her every time I speak to my friend. Today, as I sat at home watching the third Godfather movie, she sent me a picture of my little feline angel. My, has she grown beautiful!


Today, I have officially become Whisky’s Godfather. It is such a proud and sentimental moment. It might not seem like much to one but to me, it feels…..beautiful.

A wolf, the Godfather of a cat. Of course, she’ll always be a kitten to me. My sweet little Whisky.


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