It's My Way or the Highway….For Me.

There are times in life where we know what we don’t want but don’t know what we want anymore.

We knew once, what we wanted. We knew going down a path might get us lost but we went anyway.

I’m lost now, blinded. 

I close my eyes to what I don’t want to see but I don’t know what to open my eyes to anymore.

It’s dark.

Such times warrant a ride. A good ride makes everything alright for a while. It’s an escape, an addiction.

So I took my now rickety old motorbike and hit the highways.

I own TVS Apache 160 HE. TVS should stop making motorbikes and start making vibrators. They’d be the monopoly.

However, today, that didn’t matter. All I wanted to do was ride. I had an open highway in front of me and a couple of wheels and an engine to take me on it.

Riding is like meditation. You lose yourself and become one with the movement, with the freedom. You become sharp yet relaxed.

The highways teach you a lot. You have to stick to the guidelines or you die. 

Respect the highway and she respects you back. Take her for granted and you end up dead.

There can be nothing more analogous with life. It all transcends into a spiritual plane of thought and existence. 

Nothing else matters when you ride. It’s just you and the moment. Pick a good road and the moments last a lifetime.


I was averaging a 100 kmph and had to take a break in between to cool the engine down. This one isn’t a tourer, it’s meant for the city streets and if modified accordingly, for racing.

Taking some time to cool off is essential in life too. Like this ride by itself. It isn’t a waste of time, it’s the stitch in time that saves nine.

It doesn’t necessarily make your bike better but it makes sure you don’t breakdown halfway through. 

Also, some times, some things go loose and spin outta control, like my right side rear view mirror. But if you can’t fix it right away, you can always position it to make your bike more aerodynamic. Twist your woe to regulate the flow. 


Sometimes you just have to duck down and become a speed demon. 

Sometimes it’s better to just cruise along and take in nature’s bounties to the eyes and the mind.

It’s always a thrill to beat everyone else on the highway. Yet once in a while, letting them pass is also fun in its own way.

Finally, after maybe two hours of riding along the highway, which I hit purely on impulse, I decided to turn back and head home.

The ride away was faster than the ride back.

No matter where you go and what you go through, you can always come back home.


Always ride safe, as you live. We must take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes for they involve not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Ride hard, ride safe.



3 thoughts on “It's My Way or the Highway….For Me.

  1. what else is there to say… you covered it all. * bows* oh yeah… you didn’t mention Love. its multitudinous expressions. rock solid foundation. Home. you said that too… didn’t you. * smiles*

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