When life steals your lemons…


This is the story about my 11th and 12th grades.

I was in an elite-type school till my tenth standard(we call grades standards, where I’m from) and it was an amazing place full of opportunities(if you knew how to get them). However, by a sudden twist of fate, I had to transfer to a lower level of education for my eleventh and twelfth standards.

Now this school, was a bit like the delinquent schools you might have seen in some anime or a Korean movie(try watching Once Upon A Time In High School). It was just plain horrible. I’m not being a snob, I was generally the one who got picked on, even in the old school. This place was just entirely new and horridly crude. The population that inhabited it were sons and nephews of criminals and murderers and the like. Of course, there were normal, good and goody-goody types as well.

The thing is, since I was from an elite class school, I was immediately branded a snob…and a playboy(plainly coz I could, even casually, talk to girls and they…well…couldn’t). I kept to myself initially but somehow word got out that I like arts and martial arts and I was eventually challenged to a fight. Well, this was just the “gang leader” playing with me.

Well I hate violence but I love sparring so I agreed and we went to a corner of the (tiny) playground where the school bus would hide us from the teachers. Everyone was watching. He mocked me and then lethargically swung his leg at me. Me, being a huge fan of Tony Jaa at the time, jumped over his leg and plowed both my fists into his chest, mid-air over him and knocked the wind outta him. I then helped him up and he said,”If I ever get into any trouble, I’ll be sure to call you.” and then we became very good friends.

From then on, I gained a reputation and some respect. I found some good friends and that was all good.

The teachers however, were just plain childish. They wanted to make the elite school boy’s life miserable and they did all they could to make it so. Let me tell ya, miserable, it was! They’d pick on me every chance they got, accused me of things I had no idea of and once, the principal even called out my name on the intercom and said I probably wouldn’t pass out.

It was hell. But it was in this hell that I learnt how people really are and what they are capable of. Life hit me hard and I learnt from it all.

The strongest steel goes through the hottest fires.

Once, there was even a proper fight I was drawn into. An ambush, actually. So this guy, who I thought was my friend had had a grudge on me coz I was seen(once) talking to his so called girlfriend(who actually later turned out to be bi, who cheated on him) and him being a true wormĀ had slowly gotten into the favor of the other department “thugs”. Now these guys only came to school to fight and be idiots. Remember those students I said, were relatives of people of the criminal disposition? Yeah, these are those.

For six months apparently, they had planned the ambush. L-O-L. Well, he took me to the restroom to “discuss” about his relationship. (I had formed to be a love guru type there..yeah…haha). I went in there and shit got real. He hit me when I was trying to reason with them and I knocked him out and then a big rumble later, I was back in class.

After that, life was pretty much like that but I kept myself out of it as much as I could. I lost all interest in my academics coz well, the teachers there didn’t even know English, let alone the subject they were teaching(supposedly), amidst all of this. I slowly saw myself sink lower and lower until one day, I woke up and saw…I had become one of them.

And then it happened. I watched The Lion King and Mufasa brought me back to my senses.

Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are.

That made me cry out for the first time and then I started swimming back up again. I remembered my class, my grooming and my pride. By the time I finished and passed out of there, I was the strongest man alive or dead, in all of the multiverse.

I had been reborn.


(judging by this pic from waltdisneyconfessions.tumblr , guess I wasn’t the only one whose life this movie saved)


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