Conversations about Conflicts, over Cornflakes

We hear so many stories from our friends about conflicts going on around them, about clashes between different ethnic or linguistic groups. We give them moral support of course, but how much good are we actually doing?

We are social beings, humans. However, our unity spreads thinner and thinner as our herd gets bigger and bigger. It is our nature and our actual capacity to only keep track of about a hundred other people in our lives. However, we still have other forces that bind us in much larger numbers. 

We are able to keep our eyes on slightly larger causes, like maybe supporting our class, our department…..our institutions..? It gets weaker and weaker down that path. However, some other forces bind us, maybe not to the same people we were bonding with till just then. Our caste, or those of our language, our race or religion. These forces have a slightly stronger bond.

But why is it that when we say we love our nation, we fight among our nationals? We talk of patriotism but it doesn’t seem to be a cause that means more to us than our petty little internal conflicts. Politicians WILL use these to sink in their teeth and then their roots, for that too, is human nature; To make the best of a situation to ensure your benefits reach you fully to exploit. It’s not just politicians, you and me do it too. Denying it, is hypocrisy.

Our ability to be both angels and demons is what makes us humans. – Original Quote

We are capable of both noble good and evil bad. It all comes down to what matters more to us in the end. 

Still, we are the most self destructive race to have ever existed. Of course, had there been one more, they would have wiped themselves off without a trace. 

I am from a place that has been rattled by wars based on differences of mere languages! People have been tortured and killed over a mere tool of communication. Granted, it’s a beautiful tool but is it anywhere nearly worth killing over? Is anything?

If only all humans spoke one language. One without any “base language”. One that is a mixture of all or at least most major languages. Removing miscommunication will remove so many petty wars and will unify us better. If only we can focus on our unified strengths instead of fighting over our differences.. Mankind would achieve so much!

Did you know that the earth is constantly under a very real threat from asteroids? Scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and several others are struggling to make governments understand how important it is to take preventive measures so that we don’t end up like the dinosaurs! 

Yet here we are, fighting amongst ourselves. All the wars, the conflicts and utter disregard for the environment our future generations are going to inherit from us.. 

My rant here alone will not make a difference. Heck, I don’t even think anyone might even read this. However, it’s like a message in a bottle floating in sea because hope is what we fight with when all else is lost. Even when our existence just looks like a sick cosmic joke, we still have the foolishness to hope. 

Perhaps we can still retrace our steps and locate the balance we tipped on our rushed way here. Make a difference. Get to know your neighbors better instead of keeping to yourselves like socially awkward penguins. When there are conflicts in your lives, make conversations, not confrontations. 

Don’t let our grandchildren inherit the post apocalyptic earth we see in the movies. We change at the precipice and the precipice is here. It’s time to slow down and let go. 

Look back now, if you want to look forward later. 


PhotoCourtsey: drastudio


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