Journal Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from my old journal. I’ll add more later.

November 27, 2010

The mind is a battlefield. A place situated right at the very core of a chaotic inferno. A place where the brain and the heart battle it out with all they’ve got.

The brain, armed to the teeth with logic and facts clashes against the never ending arsenal of deep love and blind innocence of the naive heart. Evil, are the persuasions of age, as they flatter and manipulate the poor heart. The brain, mother to all, fights to protect its child, the heart.

But alas, life is a lesson and you learn it when you’re through. 

Nevertheless, the ideal mind is a place of absolute balance and balance it is, that I fight for. My fight is for balance; the balance between brain and heart and so, I will have in my mind, the image of a still flame from a lamp. One that flickers not and keeps darkness out.




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