The Spirits in Nature

What do you like about nature? The life under every rock? All the beautiful, mesmerizing colors? The sounds?

Well one could take all day listing that out.. But what I like about nature is its balance. The absolute, perfect balance. Three calves for every kill, life that originates from the rotting flesh of the dead…Perfect balance.

What science has taught us will eventually lead one to a more spiritual angle of things. We learned so much about nature thanks to our curiosity and science helped us quench our thirst for knowledge. But everything has its short comings, even science. In our addiction to finding new things, we have even compromised our humanity for science. We forgot what our ancestors knew so well and respected.

The decline started when man stopped referring to water as “mother nature” and as H2O. He lost his reverence to water because he “knew” what it was and had gotten bored of it. He “knew” that water is “after all two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen”.

He had forgotten to remember that water too, has a spirit, life in it.

Every rock, every grain of sand, every breeze of wind has a spirit in it.(This can also be backed by the fact that life itself, came from non-living elements,as proved by recent studies.) The spirit that was shunned away as “primitive beliefs”. But our ancestors knew this well. The word “belief” itself arises only when there is doubt. Would anyone say “I believe this is my hand.” ? They know that it is their hand and there’s really no question about it. Our ancestors knew so they didn’t have to believe in it.

Nature by itself, is the ultimate philosophy. It teaches us the simplest things truths about life. Like how the water that flows, teaches us that there is really no reason to hesitate and the world is yours from the start. The earth teaches us patience and perseverance. “The rock on the river bed does not budge no matter the strength of the current. The currents have no choice but to go around it”-martial arts saying. The earth teaches us to be patient and stand our ground at all times.

The flames that gave birth to our very race’s development teach us a very important lesson. “A torch in the hands of a wise man, leads us out of the darkness but one at the hands of a mad man will burn us all to the ground”. The power of man’s mind is like fire. It can bring about evolution or rise the devil into striking us an unconditional demise.

There’s always the wind, playing ronin, never under anybody’s spell for long. The wind teaches us freedom. Freedom is the essence of man’s will to work. For one to do justice to the expression “as free as the wind”, one must know what his reward will taste like and work towards achieving it. The wind also teaches us to be effortlessly effective.

But man must also remember, these beautiful spirits can turn murderously violent when he forgets his place and meddles with nature’s balance. The element of life can submerge the lands at the slightest floods. The patient earth too, has its limit as it can stop holding us up for a few seconds and let us fall into our cold graves. The fire, which led us to what we are today, can reduce us to cinders on its whim. The light breezes of the wind can take a turn for the worse, storming upon us, blowing us away with ease.

We must therefore remember to honor the spirits contained within nature and thus, ourselves.

May the force be with you.




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