Open your mind for a second and think

What is….reality? 

Is anything around us real? Are we real? Is anything that we see around us real? What is “real”?

We are not our bodies.

The truth has to be something eternal right? Something that doesn’t change. So is anything in this material world true? The senses we use to perceive the world.. What are we really perceiving? 

If I pinched you, would you feel the pain or does your body feel it? 

Take water for example. In the summer, we like the contact of water for it is cold but we shun away the same cold water in winter.

It all depends on how we perceive it. This world, our reality, physical and emotional feelings. They are all like the seasons that change. They come and go. Nothing is constant. 

Change is constant.

So if everything changes, is any of it really real? The real truth is something that never changes. We are not our bodies. We are eternal beings. We can never really be born nor can we be destroyed. We are basically like energy. Spirit soul. 

That, is the truth. Not these material bodies, not the material world around us. All of this is an illusion. 


Even the knowledge we spend our entire lives acquiring, is lost when we die. What do we actually learn? All knowledge of the world we see, the universe we live in. Is anything really authentic? It was all studied and taught by other people. We merely learn what the thinkers of the past have left us with. Even the basic laws of science or the base of religion or anything we learn, what is real? 

Everything we know, is what we know through our senses and perception. There are so many things which we cannot perceive with our given senses. 

Take radio waves for example. We cannot send or receive them. We use devices to do that. But just because we can’t sense them, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

Who knows what more we live amongst. There could be a whole different world existing among our own, let alone alien planets! For all you know, you could be a mere breeze in the wind to another being’s perception. Every drop of rain could be the touch of an otherwise non perceivable entity. You can never really tell. 


Dare to not only think outside the box, but to step out of it. Dare to challenge the reality you have become comfortable sitting in. Step out of your comfort zone for one moment and dare to look at the infinite possibilities! Dare to think! Dare to dream! Dare to question all knowledge.

Are we really that arrogant to never accept the fact that we could be wrong? I mean 500 years or so ago, people knew the world was flat. Everything we know could be a lie. Every theory, every fact, every piece of academic breakthrough is mere speculation backed by apparent proof. But what is proof in a world that is constantly changing? Nothing. 

Do we even really exist? Am I actually typing this or are you really reading this? You’ll never know. 


Fear of the truth grips us all. Only the strongest can dare to face and accept the truth for what it is. 

Have we become so afraid of finding out the truth that we have settled down and become comfortable with a lie we’ve made up after giving up on the quest for the truth? A lie that grows every living moment?





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